Who’s Counting, and Why?

Trafiic-counting strips: who, what, why?

Last week, without any fanfair, car-counting strips were quietly set up on Van Brunt Street near the new Fairway grocery store, and mere blocks from the intersection where Janett Ramos was killed last month by a van.

Residents of the neighborhood have been clamoring for traffic signals for some time; after Ramos was killed, organizers held a rally to protest what some call “second-class” treatment at the hands of the city’s Department of Transportation.

So, when the strips were spotted, some residents thought that the D.O.T. reversed its earlier decision to wait until fall to conduct a traffic study (the agency says that traffic patterns need to emerge before a study is possible). But a spokeswoman today told us that the D.O.T. is not conducting the study; its plan to wait until the fall remain unchanged.

So who is counting traffic? Fear not, we’re on it, faithful reader. When we get the heads-up, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, check out B61 Productions for the lowdown on Van Brunt Street and other traffic and infrastructure imbroglios.

-Matthew Grace Who’s Counting, and Why?