Willem Claudio Guzmán Mitchell

June 24, 2006

12:30 p.m.

7 pounds, 6 ounces

New York Hospital–Cornell

Crumbs are falling from Condé Nast! Pilar Guzmán, editor of the baby-lifestyle magazine Cookie, has given birth to her second son with Chris Mitchell, the publisher of Details. When Ms. Guzmán’s labor began this time around, she figured she had hours to kill and started making pancakes, a Saturday routine, for her 2-year-old, Henry. Lighting the stove in the family’s Park Slope kitchen—how quaint!—she realized that the contractions were becoming increasingly urgent. “We gotta go,” she told Mr. Mitchell, who dropped Henry off with their downstairs neighbors, his brother and sister-in-law. Later that afternoon, the publishing power couple, both 36 and married for four years, brought home this fair-skinned, brown-haired little gingersnap. Ms. Guzmán is trying to deal with the pangs of “betrayal” she feels from her firstborn, who occasionally will entreat his mother to “put the baby down.” “It’s as if your husband comes home one day and says, ‘Oh, I have this new wife coming home, and she’s younger and cuter … and funnier!’” she said. “They must feel like that on some level.”

Willem Claudio Guzmán Mitchell