Wrong Again, This Time About the Bible

Joey Cavod has pointed out Biblical errors in an article I wrote for the Observer this past week. In explaining the ancient attachment of Jews to the West Bank, I wrote, “David bought Shem, and that is Jerusalem. Joseph bought Nablus. Abraham bought Hebron when he wanted to bring Sarah to this place.”

Joey writes:

Schem and Nablus are the same places. Schem is the original name and
Nablus is the name that the Arabs gave Schem a couple of thousand
years (around 650 CE) after it was settled.

Schem is not Jerusalem. Joseph’s tomb is in Schem. David has nothing
to do with Schem. According to the Bible, Abraham bought caves in
Hebron to bury Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, and Leah in.

According to the Bible, David bought the land for the Temple in
Jerusalem, Joseph’s father bought land in Schem and Abraham bought land
in Hebron.

I thank Joey for the good word… Wrong Again, This Time About the Bible