Yassky and Scarano Night

Tonight, David Yassky is holding a fundraiser on York Street with Robert Scarano, a well-known Brooklyn real estate developer who just gave up his right to self-certify architectural work after a series of complaints were filed with the city’s Department of Buildings.

“The city said that many of his buildings were larger than allowed by zoning, and it also charged that he failed to guarantee safe conditions at a construction site where a worker was killed in March. Mr. Scarano agreed to drop out of a program that allows architects to approve their own plans without regular review from the Buildings Department.”

Update: A Yassky aide sends word that the event tonight is canceled. An official statement from the campaign is in the works.

Update II: The Yassky campagin called to give the following statement:

“The fundraiser which had been tentatively scheduled for tonight has been cancled because the campaign didn’t think it was appropriate.”

No word on what they felt was inappropriate about it.

Dept. of Credit: Brownstowner had the scoop on the fundraiser, and quotes the invitation!
Azi Paybarah Yassky and Scarano Night