Your Connor Versus Diamondstone Update

City Hall News has a piece on Marty Connor’s challenge to Ken Diamondstone’s residency with some new information about the ongoing court hearing.

Connor introduced evidence including phone records, gas activation, credit card charges and rent deposits which he claims refutes all Diamondstone’s claims to have lived with his partner in an apartment on Dean Street rather than a building on Clinton Street which they own.

And Diamondstone disputes it.

His version of the court proceedings and the evidence presented differs sharply from Connor’s. He says he was often seen in the building he claims as a former residence because his duties as a landlord required him to be there daily to take out the garbage and sort the mail. The phone calls were made during this time.

Just do give you an idea of what’s going on there.

A ruling in the case may come down today, although we are told it could come as late as Monday.

—Nicole Brydson

Your Connor Versus Diamondstone Update