11 Spring Street: Mona, Murdoch, and Malcolm?

Number 11 [Curbed]

Yesterday, the folks at Curbed ran a breaking story on Lachlan Murdoch’s old 11 Spring Street semi-palace.

A special Curbed correspondent reports this morning that the building is going condo, with construction to begin in about a month. The rumored buyer? Malcolm Stevenson by name, a man about which we know precious little (no thanks to Google).

We don’t know much about Malcolm Stevenson either. But according to The Observer‘s Michael Calderone, we do know that Mr. Stevenson is not the buyer. Check out Mr. Calderone’s July article here, which names developer Mona Gora as the lucky new owner of the 14,000-square-foot former horse stables.

So who is it: Mona or Malcolm? And why was there an electric candle glowing nightly in each of the building’s 60 windows?

Max Abelson 11 Spring Street: Mona, Murdoch, and Malcolm?