À La Disposition

The husband and wife design team of Lynda and Daniel Kinne, whose label name, “à la disposition,” roughly translates into “given the proviso,” sent their signature Victorian-inspired corsetry down the runway this morning. Early this morning, 10 a.m.

Models walked in slightly gothic white stockings with blood-red seams down the back which swelled into big red splotches at their Achilles heel. Crickets chirped on the soundtrack. The jewelry was giving a butterfly motif.

Lauren Ezersky, in denim jean shorts, a generously laden tote bag at her feet, looked weighted down. She kept her eyes downcast to the floor for the better part of the show. Late night? But in case anyone was in need of some hair-of-the dog material to chase away last night’s kick-off party inebriation, the gift bag held a bottle of Budweiser Select. “It’s definitely W. T.,” said one fellow. He meant “white trash.” He himself was seated in the second row. “That’s just what I need,” said a friendly Conde Nast underling, “a warm beer to take back to the office.”
—Nicholas Boston À La Disposition