A Fulani Problem?

A potentially interesting side-story to Tuesday’s primaries….

We’re still awaiting the full results of a series of Independence Party contests between supporters and detractors of the controversial leader Lenora Fulani.

As most of you probably know, the Indendence Party — the biggest minor party in New York — was recently rendered non-radioactive for mainstream elected officials when Fulani’s supporters were purged from the party’s executive committee by the state chairman.

I don’t have enough information yet to know whether the Fulani people did well enough to regain control of the party. (I may be missing something, but the results are shockingly hard to get a hold of and even harder to decipher.) But one party source — a Fulani critic — says that the Fulani faction prevailed in two contested races in Queens.

I guess the question, if Fulani prevails, is whether city and statewide candidates who have recently benefited from IP support — see Mayor Bloomberg, Eliot Spitzer, and Jeanine Pirro for example — will have to go back to foreswearing the party’s backing.

— Azi Paybarah A Fulani Problem?