After Seven Years of Dating…

KARA: After seven years of dating, Brian and I are married!

All week long, the Weather Channel had warned of a hurricane and the eye of the storm was supposed to hit New Hampshire just in time to drench our guests. But the rain didn’t fall. Still, I played it safe and held our ceremony inside. The Bedford Village Inn looked beautiful, and in retrospect every aspect was almost perfect.

The vows: The best ever. People laughed, people cried. We wrote our own. I promised to let Brian golf on the weekends instead of doing chores and to root for the Red Sox – no matter how embarrassing their performance. He promised to support my decision to wear the highest heels possible when we go out–and let me complain about my throbbing feet afterwards.

The dress: Beautiful. Elegant. Stayed on almost all night until one energetic foray onto the dance floor. Our photographer captured several shots of my friends and me yanking up my bodice.

The food: Luscious. Or so I heard.

The band: Excellent. They followed my strict instructions that absolutely no “Electric Slide” or country music was allowed on the premises. Even my ninety-year-old Aunt Estelle danced the night away.

As I knew it would, the night went by way too fast. But luckily our professional photos just arrived today, so I can relive every minute. After Seven Years of Dating…