After Yvette

One theme Yvette Clarke rode to victory on Tuesday was that she was the only woman in the four-way Democratic primary for Rep. Major Owens’s seat in Brooklyn.

But in the race to fill her soon-to-be-vacated seat City Council seat, so far, women candidates are scarce.

One knowledgeable reader suggested the following as a list of possible contenders to take her place:

— Wellington Sharpe, who has run for numerous offices and was kicked off the ballot in his race against Assemblyman Nick Perry

— Moses “Musa” Moore, who just lost his re-election as District Leader and is a close ally of Clarence Norman and Carl Andrews

— Dr. Mathieu Eugene, who heads an after-school program in the center of the district and is a member of Community Board 14 and is said to have support among the area’s Haitian community

— Samuel Nicolas, a lawyer and cousin of police brutality victim Abner Louima

Any others?

— Azi Paybarah After Yvette