AG Leftovers

While it was reported that Andrew Cuomo has $2 million left over from his primary (to put up against the $1.9 million Jeanine Pirro showed in her most recent filing), it’s gotten somewhat less attention that the other three candidates also showed significant sums left over for whatever purpose they choose:

$350,000 – Mark Green

$214,000 – Charlie King

$104,000 – Sean Patrick Maloney

King and Maloney have left the door open to running again for office at some point. (Can anyone say King for City Council? Or Maloney for DA?)

As for Mark Green, who said that this year’s campaign was his last, his spokesman said that he has yet to decide what to do with his money. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m sure he’d be happy to hear them.

— Azi Paybarah AG Leftovers