Agassi Extends Career Into September

boris-becker 2.jpg
This is a picture of Boris Becker.

Imminently-retiring former-Brooke-Shields-marrier Andre Agassi extended his career last night with a second round victory over No. 8 seed Marcos Baghdatis of Cyprus, besting the 21-year-old in a five-set thriller.

Mr. Agassi, who is 36 and a two-time U.S. Open winner, will face German Brian Becker—no relation to German legend, and Casanova, Boris—in the next round. After the match, which occurred in two different months, as it finished well after midnight, Mr. Agassi bowed to every section of Arthur Ashe, a tradition he’s undertaken in the last couple years as a tribute to the loyal support he’s enjoyed over the years at the Open.

A nice display of respect, but how gracious is too gracious? During his post-game interview with John McEnroe, Mr. Agassi went on to claim that the Arthur Ashe crowd—which went beyond screaming and cheering for him to even break into the wave, an audience behavior usually limited to baseball and football stadiums—actually helped restore his faith in humanity.
—Theodore Bressman Agassi Extends Career Into September