Also on Charles Barron's Enemies List: Al Sharpton

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As part of our continuing efforts to flood the zone on the Charles Barron beat, we caught up with him yesterday outside City Hall. Unlike David Yassky, who looked absolutely haggard — he appears to have lost so much weight in the course of his campaign that he was swimming in his suit — Barron didn’t look or act like a man who’d just been defeated.

“Big victory, big victory. You’re looking at the next Congressman from the 10th congressional district, that was a big loss for Ed Towns,” said Barron, who finished second in a three-way primary in which Towns, the incumbent, received less than 50 percent of the vote. “That was a big loss for Al Sharpton endorsed someone who the majority of the people voted against,” he said.

“I think Sharpton’s influence is not only waning — it is non-existent in some instances. Sharpton lost with two judges. Sharpton lost in our race I believe, and the races he was winning in, those folks were going to win any way. I think is shows a waning influence and people shouldn’t let him continue to play this last-minute endorsement game, waiting to see who is going to win and then get on their side. So this is a victory for the masses.”

Other Barron favorites appear to include primary opponent Roger Green, “the most disgraceful person in this whole thing,” Andrew Cuomo, “a slumlord,” and Hillary Clinton, because “she’s for the war.”

–Jason Horowitz Also on Charles Barron's Enemies List: Al Sharpton