An 1199 Candidate for 2009

Things are looking up for Bill de Blasio.

Not only did he win a valuable chit by helping put Yvette Clarke over the top in that suspenseful congressional primary in Brooklyn, but 1199/SEIU has just given a strong vote of confidence to his future political ambitions.

The powerful health care union workers donated $4,950 to De Blasio’s 2009 political committee. (The committee isn’t formed to support a run for any specific office.)

The only other people who got that kind of money from 1199 are citywide incumbents Bill Thompson and Betsy Gotbaum.

Update: Here is a statement from Jennifer Cunningham, executive vice president of politics & legislation for 1199 SEIU:

“Bill DeBlasio and 1199 SEIU have a long and special friendship that dates back many years. Bill is a person of great integrity, passion and commitment, and all New Yorkers would benefit from his remaining in public service at the expiration of his City Council term.”

— Azi Paybarah An 1199 Candidate for 2009