'An Educated Customer Is Our Best Customer'

ERICA: We’ve lived across the street from Syms for approximately two years now, and neither Greg nor I have ever stepped foot in the place. Frankly, I’m a bit confused by their “an educated consumer is our best customer” tagline. Do they mean generally well educated, as in a college education? Or educated about suits? Not sure and always wondered. Anyway, I was pretty shocked to hear Greg say “let’s check out Syms” last night when we were discussing what he would wear to the rehearsal dinner.

As we ambled up the stairs into the poorly laid out, dimly lit, and black wall painted shop (yes, all of the walls are actually painted black!), let’s just say I did not have high hopes. To further complicate matters, our California nuptuals call for a lighter, more casual suit and with the onset of fall, all we’ve been able to find is a slew of dark blue, black and grey. With nothing to lose, we headed up the rickety escalator and made our way past some brightly colored bowties and oddly patterned fake hankies (fankies?) into the men’s suit section. Lo and behold, the first suit hanging on the rack in our chosen aisle was a gorgeous, cream colored Calvin Klein number with beautiful, subtle tan pinstripes. And it was in Greg’s size! He tried it on, and it seriously fit like a glove.


Of course, I still have nothing to wear. 'An Educated Customer Is Our Best Customer'