And Now: Sharpton on Charles Barron

Rev. Al Sharpton says that Charles Barron’s reports of his political death are greatly exagerated.

Barron argued that Sharpton’s influence in Brooklyn had waned to nothingness because Sharpton’s favored candidate in the race, the eventual winner, Ed Towns, failed to pick up a more than 50 percent of the vote. Or at least, that was what Barron claimed.

Sharpton said Barron needed a reality check.

“How was it a big loss for me? Who did I endorse? I didn’t make any endorsement in that race…He said this was a defeat for me, Clinton, I guess the pope too,” Sharpton said, adding “Barron has been making statements since we supported Freddy Ferrer against Virginia Fields. I’m not concerned about all that.”

Sharpton said that he had only been to Brooklyn twice during the race and that his attention had been focused on Connecticut, where he supported Ned Lamont, and on other national races.

–Jason Horowitz And Now: Sharpton on Charles Barron