Another Brooklyn Endorsement

Brooklyn Papers endorsed David Yassky for the 11th Congressional District.

Thanks to the free-for-all primary, black voters are as empowered as ever.

All candidates being equal, our preference would be that the district remains represented by a person of color, given the paucity of black faces in Congress.

But all candidates in this race are not equal, and the most important consideration is that the district elect an effective leader who can strongly defend the interests of its black majority and white minority…Wonk-like in demeanor and a bit stiff on the campaign trail, Yassky is unlike many politicos — he actually makes a difference.

In the newspaper endorsement category, it goes:

New York Times- David Yassky
Brooklyn Papers – David Yassky
Our Time Press – Chris Owens
Amsterdam News – Chris Owens
Caribbean-American Weekly – Chris Owens [added]
New York Carib News – Yvette Clarke
Black Star News – Yvette Clarke
Jewish Press- Carl Andrews

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