Bare Legs in the Park

COLLEEN: It’s a beautiful evening: blue sky, six o’clock sun slanting golden against the stone colored buildings, green grass and a little music in the air. I’m sitting on a rock in Central Park, Cedar Hill to be exact, Danny next to me.

“Tilt your head to the left. Now show me that beautiful smile,” said our photographer, Perry Heller. “Beautiful, Colleen!”

Danny and I are posing for our engagement photo.

We wander around the park, jumping over barriers to shoot some pictures in the middle of lush undergrowth. We spend a long time on the rocks leading down to Turtle Pond. In between our most natural smiles, we see ducks paddling by, fish popping up to the surface of the water to feed.

Around seven thirty the light’s dipping past the buildings and the grass is getting cold against my bare legs. We say goodbye to Perry and leave for dinner.

Bare Legs in the Park