Barron: "Y'all are playing the race deck."


The Observer’s Ted Bressman came back a little while ago with this:

Charles Barron held a press this afternoon outside City Hall to announce his decision to run for the 10th Congressional Seat in 2008. In front of about 20 fervent supporters, Barron joked that he was “running for President! We did so well, I’m skipping Congress. I’m skipping mayor. I’m going straight to the Presidency! George Bush is in Trouble!”

“On a food stamp budget of $135,000, and we got 14,300 votes to [Towns’] 17,000 votes,” Barron excitedly explained. “We are here to announce today that we are officially organizing a movement, operation POWER. This was never just about a Charles Barron campaign. This was about the launching of a political movement that could win an election without country support, without millions of dollars!”

According to Barron, Operation P.O.W.E.R. (People Organizing and Working for Empowerment and Respect) will “provide political education, continue the Campaign to elect Charles Barron to Congress as well as support other progressive candidates such as Andre T. Mitchell who ran for District leader in the 40th AD.”

(The 40th A.D. is home to Diane Gordon, seeker dream house.)

When asked who he’ll support for mayor, Barron claimed the election was still too far away, but he did say he hopes the victor is black.

Pointing to a couple of white reporters in the crowd, Barron said, “People say I’m playing the race card, but y’all are playing the race deck.”

Barron: "Y'all are playing the race deck."