Charles Barron: "We Beat Towns, Clinton, Sharpton!"

Charles Barron was back to work at City Hall this morning, after a late and crowded primary night at his campaign HQ. So what happened last night?

“Well, I won!” Mr. Barron said. Another phone in his office rang–he talked to someone else for a while. “I said, ‘Roger, look at me,'” Mr. Barron told that caller. “I said, ‘Brother, I got this, man.'” He hung up and came back. “Everyone’s mad at Roger Green,” he said.

“I wanted to win so badly,” he said. “Even though I think it’s a victory, in terms of launching a movement. Eight percentage points from someone who’s a 24-year incumbent! He had to get Bill Clinton after us!”

“To be able to get this close to victory says to me that all of the things that people were saying about our campaign—’Charles Barron, he’s too radical, he’s too black, he can’t win with no money’—it’s out the window and down the drain.

“We brought back volunteerism, because people believe. Everyone gets paid on election day! I had a campaign manager, didn’t get paid a dime. All of our workers in Bed Stuy didn’t get paid a dime.

“I’m feeling like a winner today,” Mr. Barron said. “I probably feel better than Ed Towns! Ed Towns has to be embarrassed. How can he have all of that money, and he has the whole county behind him? To me, we beat Towns, Clinton, Sharpton—Al Sharpton endorsed Towns. All of them lost!”

Mr. Barron said he had a new slogan, already. “Don’t be late, cuz Charlie the Great will be back in 2008!”

— Choire Sicha

Charles Barron: "We Beat Towns, Clinton, Sharpton!"