While Mark Green and Andrew Cuomo are still working on their definition of negative campaigning, a similarly constructive dialogue is being carried out between the Democratic candidates in Brooklyn’s 11th Congressional district.

Outside the candidate forum in Park Slope last night, a flier was distributed that said, “Why is David Yassky, a Democrat, taking money from Jack Abramoff’s law firm and from supporters of Rick Santorum?”

Yassky, reading from the flier on stage, noted that it did not say who paid for it and was therefore a violation of FEC regulations. He then addressed the accuracy of the attack, explaining that he worked at one of the law firms in question, and that his friend from law school worked at another firm referred to in the flier.

Then, to move things in a more positive direction, Yassky asked if all the candidates if they would agree not to negative campaigns for the remainder of the primary.

Yvette Clarke and Carl Andrews, whom Yassky praised for not going negative, agreed.

Chris Owens didn’t.

Later, Owens said the person distributing the flier was a volunteer, not a paid member of his campaign.

— Azi Paybarah