Cuomo Embraces King, Ducks Barrett

Charlie King ended his campaign today, endorsing Andrew Cuomo on the steps of City Hall.

Surrounded by more reporters than have covered his campaign so far, King said he received phone calls from Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rep. Charlie Rangel telling him its time to support the person who is going to win.

Cuomo said King was “exactly right” on a number of issues he raised during the campaign. Both suggested — but stopped short of explicitly requested — that Mark Green drop out of the race.

Before leaving, Cuomo was asked three times about relationship with Andrew Farkas, which Wayne Barrett describes in his Village Voice article this week. (Short version: While he was at HUD, Cuomo sued Farkas — a developer who was involved with some dirty schemes invoving federally funded housing projects — before going on to become Farkas’s employee and a major recipient of his campaign contributions.)

Cuomo said he that he hadn’t read the article. When I asked him again about the story, Cuomo quickly walked away to say hello to some supporters. Moments, trailed by a few more reporters, Cuomo said the story of his relationship with Farkas was first “written four years ago” and is “factually incorrect.”

He didn’t say precisely how.

— Azi Paybarah Cuomo Embraces King, Ducks Barrett