Cuomo Frontline: Manhattan

It looks like Andrew Cuomo is hoping to do his victory dance on Mark Green’s turf in Manhattan.

According to an informed Democratic source not working for either campaign, eight of the top ten Assembly districts Cuomo is focusing on — in terms of get-out-the-vote manpower — are in Manhattan, which has the second-highest concentration of Democratic primary voters in the state.

It might make sense to put resources in Manhattan, where Green has a smattering of institutional support among local clubs and state committee members and Cuomo has snagged endorsements from most of the elected officials.

But the Cuomo campaign’s decision also seems to indicate that they’re regarding victory in other parts of the city as an inevitability. As this source told me, Cuomo is “not trying to pull voters in the outer boroughs” and “who knows if they’ll turn out.”

I asked Cuomo spokesman Wendy Katz about it, and she gave me this:

“Our campaign is reaching out to voters in every corner of the state because we are not taking any votes for granted.”

— Azi Paybarah Cuomo Frontline: Manhattan