Cuomo's Pirro Strategy

Andrew Cuomo and Eliot Spitzer consummated their primary-long flirtation today with an official endorsement outside City Hall from the departing Attorney General.

After Spitzer spoke of a “Democratic gale force blowing through the State of New York,” reporters asked Cuomo about Jeanine Pirro, who is considered the Republicans’ best hope for preventing a Democratic sweep of statewide office. When presented with Pirro’s assertion that she will essentially echo many of Mark Green’s charges because they reflect on Cuomo’s record, the former housing secretary stuck to his campaign strategy of studied non-engagement.

“One thing I have learned in life is you run your campaign,” he said. “If you are lucky you are responsible for your own campaign and you control your own campaign.”

When presented with Pirro’s criticism that he lacked experience as a prosecutor, Cuomo responded, “We’ll have a discussion about what the role of the Attorney General is.” When asked if he would respond in kind if Ms. Pirro pushed, he joked, “Do I ever push?”

–Jason Horowitz

Cuomo's Pirro Strategy