The French Moby Goes Solo

Air, which consists of two French guys, first broke big(-ish) in 2000 thanks to Sofia Coppola, who had them score The Virgin Suicides. (They’re also on her new Marie Antoinette soundtrack, out next month.)

As with Moby, it’s been possible to be an Air fan without even knowing it, since their sweet, dreamy, gently trippy music has been in commercials for everything from Levi’s to Nissan for years.

Now, J.B. Dunckel, one half of Air, is about to release his solo CD, Darkel (out Tuesday the 19th) — but he’s added some ballast to Air’s Moog-y electro-pop sound by working in piano and other real, acoustic instruments.

This fall you’re going to be hearing a lot of Dunckel’s album, whether you buy it or not. The first single, “At the End of the Sky,” practically begs to be used for, say, an iPod commercial. Speaking of which, the “End” music video — a computer animation fantasia in Day-Glo — is the kind of thing that should make Apple religionists go weak in the knees.

“>WATCH “At the End of the Sky” (3:32)

“>BUY the CD

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