Doctoroff on Traffic, Not on Garvin Report

The Deputy Mayor writes a Hell’s Kitchen pedestrian activist to say that he is considering “alternative means to shift travel to and within our most congested neighborhoods away from the automobile and onto transit,” a fact that StreetsBlog is pretty excited about.

Doctoroff has also cancelled an appearance next Wednesday before the Women’s Transportation Seminar-Greater New York in which he was supposed to discuss the Garvin Report (or maybe more broadly the city’s strategic plan) which we discussed before in the Observerand on The Real Estate. The breakfast talk, planned earlier in the summer, was cancelled, “because the report has not come out yet,” according to WTS President Felice Farber. She added that Doctoroff apparently had another scheduling conflict as he would have been welcome to have spoken on other land-use topics.

In other words, as recently as June or July, he thought he would be done with the report by now but is not.

Matthew Schuerman Doctoroff on Traffic, Not on Garvin Report