Early, Early Results [updating]

With 8 precints reporting, the landslide begins…

Eliot Spitzer 81%

Hillary Clinton – 75%

John Spencer – 62%

Andrew Cuomo – 49%

Charles Barron – 38%

No results for Brooklyn’s 11th congressional district.

With 5 precints reporting, Yvette Clake leads with 32% of the vote; Carl Andrews has 28%, David Yassky has 22%, and Chris Owens has 17%.

With 22 precints reporting, Yassky leads with 31.99% of the vote. Chris Owens pulls into second with 23.03%. It’s going to be a long night there.

Next door, with 52 precints reporting, Ed Towns pulls ahead of Charles Barron with nealry half the votes.

— Azi Paybarah

Early, Early Results [updating]