East Village Pizza Parlor Gentrifies

Feeling Stromboli?

Stromboli, the late-night greasy-slice East Village pizza parlor once immortalized in a Cibo Matto song, appears to have done away with any outward indications of its name.

Stromboli Pizza, at the north-west corner of St. Mark’s Place and First Avenue, is near to complete on new renovations that replace the site’s gaudy Italian-flag colors with basic black and white. Stromboli had a previous renovation in the late 90’s, after a fire.

On 1999’s “Stereo Type A,” in a song called “Sci-fi Wasabi,” Cibo Matto rap-sang, “Don’t give me chase, I’m at St. Mark’s Place/Feeling Stromboli, not ravioli.” That group disbanded in 2001.
—Choire Sicha East Village Pizza Parlor Gentrifies