Elsewhere: Clinton, Sheen, Green

A video of Bill Clinton’s appearance on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart is here. In discussing Hillary, Bill said,


A video of Bill Clinton’s appearance on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart is here. In discussing Hillary, Bill said, “If she ran and won, it’d be good for America.”

The Working Families Party sent word that “Like Jonathan Tasini, the Working Families Party opposes the war in Iraq…[but] The WFP also enthusiastically supports Hillary Clinton for U.S. Senate.”

Liz Benjamin interviewed Jonathan Tasini, who said he is not endorsing the Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate.

Martin Sheen, the television president, will raise money for Eliot Spitzer.

Jeanine Pirro had a press conference today on, what else?, sex offenders.

Tom Robbins writes the obituary of Mark Green’s career. “Of all the offices Mark Green sought during his political career, the one he lost last week was probably the one he was born to hold.”

Jerry Skurnik digs up results in below-the-radar primary races.

Joe Lieberman leads Ned Lamont 45% to 43%, according to a new poll, thanks in part to a 47% to 34% edge Lieberman has with unaffiliated voters.

The Hotline notes John McCain and Mitt Romney are going after each other with less subtlety than they used to.

In the New York Times’s new weekly political column, Political Action, Adam Nagourney says there’s an upside to the Republican infighting over how to interrogate terrorism suspects.

It has knocked Iraq out of the news and kept the campaign story line precisely where President Bush and Karl Rove want it.

Rupert Murdoch will launch a Christian film production company called FoxFaith.

TNR covered “the first-ever press conference of the super-low-key commission on what to do in Iraq, chaired by James Baker and Lee Hamilton.” News: Baker said the panel will likely meet with “a representative at a high level of the Iranian government” during this week’s big UN meeting.

Panelists Errol Louis, Chris Owens, and others discussed corporate welfare at a forum hosted by the Drum Major Institute. One novel idea already underway in Minnesota is a new law that says “business that receives state or local government assistance for economic development or job growth purposes must create a net increase in jobs in Minnesota within two years…”

And pictured above is part of the New York Times 24-page supplement about their reporters.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Clinton, Sheen, Green