Elsewhere: Clinton TV, MoveOn Debate


Hillary Clinton hit the air with a new 30-second ad, talking about the air in lower Manhattan after 9/11, increasing the federal minimum wage, and social security. Note the absence of that other issue which caused such a stir in Connecticut.

Carl McCall endorsed Yvette Clarke for the 11th congressional district in Brooklyn, bucking the trend of institutional players who are backing Carl Andrews.

This morning, Mark Green was only returning calls from New York Times reporters, and his wife.

The state senate is likely to pass a bill to prevent insurance companies from charging “a higher co-pay for mental health visits.”

Mary Mapes is not joining her former colleague, Dan Rather, at his new job.

A video of this morning’s press conference about the sale of Stuy-Town and Peter Cooper Village is here.

Jonathan Tasini, writing on the Huffington Post, wants MoveOn to sponsor a debate between himself and Hillary Clinton.

And an artistic picture of Andrew Cuomo taken after this morning’s press conference.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Clinton TV, MoveOn Debate