Elsewhere: Helping, Praising, Confessing


Pat Healy says the Assembly Speaker is asking Eliot Spitzer for help electing Democrats.

Ben Smith says Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo have mixed messages when it comes to partisanship in Albany.

Since Spitzer keeps talking about changing everything in Albany on Day 1, NYPIRG offers recommendations for the next 99 Days.

Judicial Reports hopes the city doesn’t “make a habit” out of asking for written notes from political meetings.

John Riley praises the highbrow reporters who filed 15 stories about the speeding ticket Jeanine Pirro’s husband got…and one story about her press conference on Medicaid.

Writing on Room 8, Joseph Mercurio says, “If the election were about the war, things would go better for the Democrats, but there is a mixed reaction on the part of voters about specifics.”

Al Gore wants to replace the payroll tax with a pollution tax.

Michelle Malkin remembers the 5th anniversary of the anthrax mailings.

Greg Sargent finds one reporter with one poll who has two different conclusions.

The Observer is getting some sexy neighbors.

And pictured above is former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey, who has a lot to say.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Helping, Praising, Confessing