Elsewhere: Hillary, Rudy, Ada

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A CNN poll says voters are itching to see Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani square off in 2008.

That is, if Hillary can get past her primary opponent, Jonathan Tasini, who was endorsed by Gay City News.

The Observer’s Theodore Bressman caught up with Rep. Jerry Nadler today, who announced legislation to help people whose health was impacted by 9/11. “I cannot stand idly by while the EPA and the federal government treat New York like a petri dish left unattended,” said Nadler.

Ben has a read on the 11th congressional race’s untold story: the split white vote.

Courier-Life decides to not endorse anyone in that race.

Upstate congressional races are not so close anymore.

Greg Sargent has Bill Clinton’s letter objecting to ABC’s docudrama which blames him for 9/11.

Blabbeando has an item about the role of the outspoken Rev. Ruben Diaz in the state senate race in Jackson Heights.

The new editor of The Village Voice told his staff today no more layoffs are expected.

Jewish Press, which normally has the voice and ear of Speaker Sheldon Silver, says they want George Pataki to reappoint Jeff Weisenfeld as a trustee of CUNY. School is back is session after all.

My old publisher takes a swipe at Ada Smith, the beleaguered state senator, saying she “is no lady.”

Room 8’s Adam Green delivers the news in his own special way.

And pictured above is the letter from Manhattan DA Bob Morgenthau praising Andrew Cuomo for “three years of public service.” Although the issue of his tenure still seems strangely debatable.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Hillary, Rudy, Ada