Elsewhere: Moving Primaries

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Sheldon Silver supports moving the primaries away from Sept. 11 and holding them in June. Jerry Skunik notes it was Gov. Carey who initially moved the primaries to September in order to help Mario Cuomo (and to a lesser extent, Ed Koch) in the mayor’s race.

200,000 voters were sent to the wrong polling place today because of outdated information mailed to them from the city’s Board of Elections.

Newsday wonders if Tom Suozzi will endorse Eliot Spitzer tonight, or just support him.

The Journal News gets a sad phone call:

I was stunned to get a phone call this evening from a woman asking me for the name of the Republican running for governor. I even had to spell it out for her.

When she asked me the name of the Republican running for AG, I asked her if it was a prank call.

It wasn’t.

The New York Times unloaded some television stations it owned.

Joe Lieberman leads Ned Lamont 51 to 38 in a new poll.

NJ Senator Bob Menendez unveiled a new television ad attacking Bush on port security.

And pictured above is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist who visited Ground Zero yesterday while the names of WTC victims were read.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Moving Primaries