Elsewhere: Murder Someone, Jokingly


Following up on a conversation in which he told me about SEIU’s new PAC to target anti-union Democrats, Andy Stern sent over this additional statement to remind us that “the vast majority” of candidates the union supports are Democrats.

Hotline reads into Barack Obama’s visit to Iowa and sees Hillary Clinton’s 2008 running mate:

he may have designed a path to the vice presidency, and ultimately the presidency, that’s about capturing just one voter: Hillary

Eliot Spitzer’s campaign responds to John Faso’s add, saying it is “a page out of Karl Rove’s play book” and that “New Yorkers know better than to trust the same tired promises from politicians who promise tax cuts…” His 10-day post primary filing [pdf] shows he raised $963,000 and has $8.5 million on hand.

Jonathan Tasini calls the Working Families Party “absurd and pathetic.”

Robert George of the New York Post says meeting President Clinton was “the coolest, yet weirdest moment of my entire life.”

Jeanine Pirro isn’t the only one who rebuffed Jeff Deskovic’s plea for help before DNA evidence freed him from jail.

Albany may be losing their Wild Woman, now that state Senator Ada Smith may concede to her primary challenger, Shirley Huntley. Maxim ranks television’s ten least appealing women.

On last night’s Inside City Hall, Rob Ryan asked Howard Wolfson:

“Howard, Howard. You’ve never said you’d like to murder someone, jokingly?”

And above is an ode to, who else?, reporters!

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Murder Someone, Jokingly