Elsewhere: Paranoia, Conspiracy


Hillary Clinton says,“I’m always the most paranoid campaigner you can find.”

Jeanine Pirro has a pleasant conversation with Bill O’Reilly.

New York Magazine notes the inconsistency in Jeanine Pirro’s conspiracy theory about Andrew Cuomo.

Speaking of conspiracies, Pirro’s lawyer is chair of the state ethics commission investigating Alan Hevesi.

No matter what the commission finds out about Hevesi, most voters have already decided they don’t care.

Roger Ailes of Fox thanked Bill Clinton for arguing with Chris Wallace. “We’re very grateful. … He’s kept us in the news for six days.”

Urban Elephants looks at Bill Clinton and the Glover Park money tree.

Daily Gotham tests a smear tactic.

A Florida congressman, using the AOL screen name Maf54, resigned today after he had IM exchanges he had with under congressional aides about sex.

And pictured above is a view of Albany from my side view mirror.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Paranoia, Conspiracy