Elsewhere, Term Limits, Torture, Boots


Eliot Spitzer will star in Andrew Cuomo’s first ad of the general election, which airs tonight.

Spitzer and John Faso say they support term limits for state Senators and Assembly members. Spitzer though, said he does not want term limits for legislative leaders.

Extending term limits in the City Council may be an “unwinnable” fight, says Ben, who has a copy of a letter City Council Speaker Christine Quinn sent to colleagues.

Mayor Bloomberg’s new Office of Long-term Planning is announced, formally.

Bloomberg’s anti-poverty plan gets a lukewarm reaction from the Drum Major Institute.

“I recognize the Mayor’s good intentions. However, the path to ending poverty is paved with good policy, not just good intentions. A comprehensive inter-agency commitment to education is a first step. Changing policies to achieve societal goals is the next.”

A group opposing Atlantic Yards project will submit a 250-300 page response to the project on the last day comments are due.

A Christian group lobbies Congress to make torture legal.

And pictured above is the latest fashion around City Hall.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere, Term Limits, Torture, Boots