[em]Post[/em]'s Tim Arango Heads to [em]Fortune[/em]

New York Post reporter Tim Arango has been hired by Fortune as a staff writer. Arango said that he expects to do some media reporting, but that his role is not yet defined. He begins on October 16th.

Arango, 32, has worked at the Post for four years. A month ago, he met with Fortune’s managing editor, Eric Pooley, and told him he was ready to write longer pieces.

“I had to convince him that I was capable of learning that, and adapting to that,” said Arango. “That is something that hasn’t been in my repertoire. I have the reporting skills down, and now have to learn the other bit of it.

And when a scoop won’t hold for a few months?

“There is always the opportunity to write for the Web and break stories,” he said.

Michael Calderone [em]Post[/em]'s Tim Arango Heads to [em]Fortune[/em]