Video of the moment

Sometimes, here at Very Short List headquarters, we come across a fresh bit of video so simply, amazingly cool that all we want to say is, Hey, look at this amazingly cool video!

Okay, fine, a bit of context: It’s the just-released music video for a single by a German recording artist named Murena (think of Sonic Youth’s noisier experiments crossed with, say, Birthday Party-era Nick Cave), whose debut CD, Important Exportant, just came out in Europe.

Some of you might be inclined to turn the volume down. All the way down, say.

The music video, though, is a zany, brilliant, gorgeous thing that tells the absurdist tale of a conductor who goes on a mad hunt for a thief who’s just made off with his sheet music. It was directed by Philipp Mühlbauer. Remember that name. (And pay close attention to the revealing finale.)

“>WATCH the video for the Murena song “Export Tripoli” (alternate link here)

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