Female Prosecutor Criticizes Pirro

Andrew Cuomo’s campaign got an assist today from toughbox prosecutor Leslie Crocker Snyder, who bashed Jeanine Pirro for her refusal to revisit the case of a Westchester inmate later freed on DNA evidence.

From Cuomo’s perspective, Pirro’s blunder is almost too perfect, allowing him — with his scant 14 months of courtoom experience — to hit his opponent on the one area she was counting on to be a comparative strength. Or, at least, to stand back as others do so.

Around 2:30 p.m., a statement on the case was sent out by Snyder, who was last seen running for Manhattan DA against Cuomo’s old boss, Robert Morgenthau.

Around 3 p.m., Cuomo’s statement came out, in which he states his support “of legislation which would prevent this type of wrongful incarceration of an innocent man, while a guilty sexual predator and murderer went unpunished for his crime.”

All of which, I’m guessing, will be more than enougth to keep the story alive for another day.

Crocker Snyder statement after the jump.

— Azi Paybarah


“As a former prosecutor, Judge and someone whose position on the death penalty is evolving, I can say with certainty that the wrongful conviction of Jeffrey Deskovic announced yesterday in Westchester County is every prosecutor’s worst nightmare and a tragic miscarriage of justice. If it were not for the Innocence Project’s groundbreaking work and commitment to revealing the truth, justice in this case may have never been served.

Nothing could highlight more clearly the need for State legislation that would identify and correct errors in prosecutorial discretion that lead to the wrongful punishment of the innocent.

Over the last twenty years, the use of DNA evidence has transformed our pursuit of justice and our ability to ensure fairness and trust in the criminal justice system. The power of DNA evidence is two-fold. It provides the ability to help solve a crime and punish the guilty, but it also affords us the power to uncover the truth – to give freedom and life back to those who were unjustly and wrongly convicted.

That ability to uncover the truth and free the innocent must be paramount for any prosecutor. To give that power anything less than 100% attention and care at all times, is to fail in our collective duty to bring justice to our society. No prosecutor should ever forget that.”

Female Prosecutor Criticizes Pirro