Finding a Tuxedo That Lives Up To Dave's Vision

KRISTINA: This weekend the invitations went out, we chose our cake, we chose our entrees, we stuffed the favors, and we tried to choose the groomsmen attire. I say “try” because my fiance has a lot of opinions about what he and his friends are going to wear.

“I have a vision for how things should look,” he said seriously, “and I usually have a pretty good idea about these things.”

We visited three different stores and still didn’t make a decision. However, I learned quite a bit about Dave’s preferences . . .

– He doesn’t like the satin piping/striping on many tuxedos. He believes the entire tuxedo look needs to be updated for his generation.

– He finds the shiny shoes uncomfortable and outdated.

– When I suggested one particular black vest, he rejected it because the delicate, black-dot pattern was “too much.”

– He was appalled by the idea of pleated pants. Must be flat-front.

He really just wants to wear a suit. But apparently it’s virtually impossible to rent one. So we’re trying to think of ways to get the suit look in a tuxedo. I don’t mind. I’m pleased that I’m marrying such a fashion pioneer. Finding a Tuxedo That Lives  Up To Dave's Vision