Meet the next Kanye

Lupe Fiasco’s debut album, Food & Liquor (out next Tuesday), is one of those destined-to-be-omnipresent hip-hop records whose seductive grooves guarantee a cross-over phenomenon on the order of, say, Kanye West.

Fiasco’s story is irresistible: He’s a self-described Muslim “nerd” from Chicago (real name: Wasalu Muhammad Jaco) who doesn’t smoke or drink.

He proclaims more kinship with ’boarders than gangstas (his single “Kick, Push,” is his ode to skateboarding).

And he creates dense, deliciously propulsive songs — big, brassy, and laden with string sections that call to mind the theme songs of Aaron Spelling shows like Charlie’s Angels.

A cameo appearance on West’s “Touch the Sky” single earlier this year gave him serious heat, but what’s really going to break him wide is “Daydream,” his jazz-hop duet with the splendid Philly chanteuse Jill Scott.Over the next few months, no matter where you turn — radio (rap stations and adult-contemporary), VH1, BET, clubs, and shops where cult sneakers are sold (Fiasco already has a deal with Reebok) — you’ll be blissing out to its sultry, bluesy flow.

“>WATCH the video for “Daydream”

“>BUY Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor. September 19, Atlantic Records.

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Meet the next Kanye