Fossella Interview


Next week, I’ll be interviewing the city’s only Republican congressman — Vito Fossella.

It’s always been a tough to be a Republican in New York, and in a year in which some people are predicting a Democratic takeover of the House, now should be as tough a time as ever.

But so far, Fossella looks safe. None of the recognizable Democratic officials in his district opted to make a run for the seat, including Bill de Blasio, who decided not to enter the race despite the entreaties of the DCCC.

Enter attorney and community board member Stephen Harrison.

Energetic and substantive — but under-funded and ignored by the national party — Harrison seems to regard the DC-based Democratic leadership as a bigger obstacle than Fossella, who he believes will be vulnerable to attacks on national issues like Iraq and free trade.

Anything else I should ask Fossella about this race, his voting record, his general outlook on life?

— Azi Paybarah

Fossella Interview