Getting the Message Out


The Observer’s Ted Bressman passes along a couple of notes from a campaign stop with John Spencer yesterday afternoon outside the Queens Mall:

Staking out a busy section of sidewalk outside the mall, Spencer and several young volunteers tried their best to corral some homebound commuters on Queens Boulevard for a quick conversation or a handshake. A few rebuffed the offer. Most, not knowing who he was, ignored him entirely.

Spencer said he remained upbeat about the way the overall campaign was going.

“The primary wasn’t too helpful,” he said. “But now things are going very well. We’re challenging Senator Clinton to debates” and, he said, “to talk about issues facing the state and the nation.”

As for the enormous disparity in campaign funding, Spencer said he was still hopeful that he’d be able to make an impact: “Obviously it doesn’t help, but we’re going to raise enough money to get my message out. I’ve cut taxes and created jobs. Senator Clinton is pro-tax and pro-big government, and that hurts New Yorkers. She hasn’t explained her incumbency. I think this campaign will make her.”

Getting the Message Out