Getting the Run Around

Yankee Stadium Track.JPG
You do not need a running track in order to lose weight.

The 15-foot-wide cinder running track that was supposed to be set up in the Bronx after the Yankees demolished Macombs Dam Park hasn’t been built yet, if it ever will be, but the Parks Department lets you in on a secret: it is possible to run on the sidewalk. Lukas Herbert, a Yankee Stadium opponent and community board member, sent us the above picture and notes:

Arrows have been placed to make sure you do not get lost along with “mile markers” telling you how far you have run (in 0.1 mile increments). In addition, the parks department has also placed motivational signs near each marker telling you to “keep it up” and directing you to a website where you can get more information about fitness.

With all of that encouragement, who needs a running track anyway?

Matthew Schuerman Getting the Run Around