Hevesi's Chauffeur and the AG


Here is the letter that Republican comptroller candidate Christopher Callaghan sent to the Albany DA asking him to press charges against Alan Hevesi over the chauffeur incident.

Although Hevesi promised to repay the state three years’ worth of reimbursements, Callaghan wrote, “we can’t take his claimed intentions to repay any more seriously than we would those of a clerk who has borrowed money from a cash drawer.”

It’ll be interesting to see what Eliot Spitzer‘s reaction is to the issue. On one hand, he’s unlikely to take a gratuitous swipe at a fellow Democrat right before an election. On the other hand, it would certainly provide him with an neat opportunity to burnish his credentials as a watchdog on public corruption, the one notable gap from his paradigm-shifting tenure as attorney general.

Spokesman Darren Dopp said that the AGs office would theoretically represent the State Ethics Commission in any action against Hevesi, but that for now, he couldn’t comment any further.

UPDATE: Here is Callaghan’s other letter to Sptzer’s AG office about “campaign contributions [to]…and favors rendered” by Hevesi.

— Azi Paybarah Hevesi's Chauffeur and the AG