Illogical and Demagogic

Roger Green just called to say he’s a) staying in the race for the Ed Towns Congressional seat in Brooklyn and b) shocked that Charles Barron accused him yesterday of reneging on a deal to drop out of the contest.

Green was particularly upset by Barron’s suggestion that he was staying in the race to assure Towns’ reelection, calling it “totally illogical and demagogic.”

“I think it’s a shocking example of tantrum politics,” he said. “I was under the impression that Charles and I were having a private and civil discussion about the future of the Congressional district. I’m still committed to defeating Congressman Towns, but I believe temperament and humility are requisite for public office.”

(Barron had said he was angry that he hadn’t heard back from Green this week to discuss forming a united front against Towns. Green said that he was in Chicago over the weekend and in Washington yesterday.)

“I’m a deliberative person,” Green added. “I try not to be impulsive in my decision making and my actions.”

— John Koblin Illogical and Demagogic