IMterview: Micah Lasher

Feeling pretty good this morning, if a little tired, are the folks at Knickerbocker SKD, who have two of yesterday’s primary winners as their clients: Yvette Clarke in Broolyn’s 11th congressional district, and Brian Kavanagh in Manhattan’s 74th Assembly district.

In an attempt to revive the IMterview tradition, I reached out to one of the consultants there, Micah Lasher.

azipaybarah: how do you feel this morning?

micahlasher: Tired, satisfied, relieved.

azipaybarah: you guys helped kavanagh and yvette

azipaybarah: what’s your secret?

micahlasher: secret is picking winners

azipaybarah: what’s common among them?

micahlasher: kidding aside, i think when you work for folks who you want to win, first, that usually says something about their intrinsic qualities as a candidate — which translates into votes, and second, when you really want them to win, really want it in your bones, it’s a lot easier you really bust your ass and fight for it

micahlasher: and that’s how we felt about both yvette and brian

micahlasher: i was putting up posters for brian kavanagh at 4:30am yesterday….that’s a lot easier to do when it’s something you really want to see happen

azipaybarah: do pros like you have to be true believers?

micahlasher: not always

micahlasher: but it helps

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— Azi Paybarah

Micah Lasher

micahlasher: obviously, you can’t always have that luxury

micahlasher: and not every race is the same

micahlasher: but it’s a lot easier to do good work when you’re invested

micahlasher: i mean, i think that’s just sort of natural

azipaybarah: what do you guys do now…and for 07?

micahlasher: in the VERY short term, sleep

micahlasher: and thanks to two very competitive primaries, we haven’t had a lot of time to think about ’07…but it’s on my to-do list

azipaybarah: any advice to reporters who had the luxury

azipaybarah: of covering a mayor’s race

azipaybarah: governor’s race

azipaybarah: and AG race

azipaybarah: back to back to back?

micahlasher: you need a raise

micahlasher: but, maybe you’ll be busy in ’07 after all

micahlasher: i hear the onondaga county exec’s race is going to be HOT IMterview: Micah Lasher