In CT: Karl Marx v Benedict Arnold

Joseph Lieberman’s campaign is having some fun with the fact that Ned Lamont accepted $100 from a socialist group, and then decided to return it because they don’t accept all PAC money.

“What are they trying to do, avoid losing the support of the Karl Marx Fan Club of America?…On several occasions, Team Lamont have denounced PACs and the corrupting influence of the lobbyists who are often behind them, which is why he says he won’t take their contributions. But he makes an exception to his principled rule for PACs run by politicians…So under Ned’s dubious rules, it’s unethical to take lobbyist’s support, unless it’s funneled through John Kerry.

Team Lamont, meanwhile, just released this ad featuring people wearing their coats inside out, a symbol of how Lieberman has become a turncoat to the Democratic Party by running as an independent.

— Azi Paybarah In CT: Karl Marx v Benedict Arnold