In Today's Observer

Jason Horowitz reports on Mark Warner’s quiet quest to peal off Hillary Clinton supporters and that touched-up “Un-Hillary” New York Times Magazine cover photo that made him look like, in Warner’s words, “Mr. Ed or the Joker character.” (As opposed to our cover rendering today, which really captures Warner’s inner, um, something.)

Matt Schuerman writes about the campaign by Vito Lopez to pressure Michael Bloomberg into ending tax breaks for developers of fancy Manhattan apartments.

Rebecca Dana reports on the upcoming announcement of a deal between Al Gore’s Current TV and Yahoo!.

Steve Kornacki says that Bob Menendez is getting punched in the face by karma.

Joe Conason talks about torture and the president’s “blithe attitude toward barbarism.”

And finally, the reemergence of Jim McGreevey: It’s 2004 all over again.

— Josh Benson In Today's Observer