In Today's Observer

Joe Conason says Fox and the Bush administration can’t handle Bill Clinton’s dose of truthiness, and Steve Kornacki looks at the impact of the former president’s publicity blitz on Hillary, Gore and the rest of the 2008 contenders.

Jason Horowitz writes about Al Gore’s sleeper cells of presidential donors and operatives, still waiting for the call.

Niall Stanage says that John Bolton deserves an up-or-down vote in the Senate even if his UN colleagues find his behavior upsetting.

Matt Schuerman reports that the city’s plans for the Sunnyside rail yards could make a guy named Michael Bailkin into New York’s next big development kingpin.

Tom Scocca gets rebellious LA Times boss Dean Baquet to say meaningful things about his birthday cake.

And here’s an insider’s account of Mahmoud Ahmedinejad’s noisy visit to New York from writer, music exec and Farsi translator extraordinaire Hooman Majd.

— Josh Benson In Today's Observer